Lost in time and Dreams


This an appreciation of the art in a form of a personal blog. It varies from novels, films, animations, and musics.


What this blog is about



Reading novels, or as called fictional books, is like dreaming without sleeping. Each book is a world of it own, and it is the readers who blend into it as the authors lead. 



The beauty of musics and sounds cannot be judged by the public, it lies in the individual. And therefore I hope, with the appreciation of mine, you could find your way into it.



Animation is the art of processing and putting multiple art work together, combining all to produce a greater form of craftsmanship. Undeniably long and tiresome, yet is much satisfying for the products to come.



Films and movies making encapsulates the essence of real life world, then turning them into dreams. It provides viewers with different lens of the world that dreams could be come true.



Capturing every instant, and store those emotions inside. A photo need not to be perfect, being merely a photo is more than enough.


some of the Posts

Kafka On The Shore

kafka on the shore Although about many things, Kafka on the Shore is certainly a story of the tribulations and transfigurations of its protagonist, Kafka...

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The wind up bird chronicle

the wind up bird chronicle “I leaned my head against the wall and closed my eyes. May Kasahara was probably right. This person, this self,...

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On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous

How to fall in love Ocean Vuong’s devastatingly beautiful first novel, as evocative as its title, is a painful but extraordinary coming-of-age story about surviving...

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Black Leopard red wolf

black leopard red wolf The story kernel at the center of “Black Leopard, Red Wolf,” Marlon James’s surreal new fantasy epic, concerns the search for...

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How to fall in love

How to fall in love She has just two weeks. Two weeks to teach him how to fall in love – with his own life....

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